Bonn Intersessionals: A Poetic Interpretation

What’s up dear blog readers! Today it’s me having the honor to write whatever I want on this nice little blog. Shortly introducing myself I’m an engineering student in the field of sustainable energy technology at Luleå University of Technology currently studying climate change leadership at CEMUS. To me the intersessionals at Bonn is a perfect opportunity to see how the technology I’ve so long learnt about is discussed to be actually implemented globally and simply how the world’s top level negotiators in the field of climate change is handling current crisis. Bonn onsdag

My expectations coming here, was of the UNFCCC to be next level stuff, the real deal, the cream on the moose to use perfect swenglish. And so far I have to say that it meets my expectations all the way! Panel discussion between four of the world’s largest cities discussing how they have taken action to mitigate their climate impact, drinking beer and talking soccer with the delegates of other countries, listening to formal discussions on whether the adaptation fund should be part of the Kyoto protocol or the Paris Agreement is everyday stuff here. But on the other hand, every presentations has Powerpoint struggles in the beginning, everyone goes for the free food, people are sleeping in the back row of the rooms and it’s really nice to see that people are still people.

I have to keep this short due to a highly important meeting coming up with the youth council at the local brewhouse. But lastly to anyone reading this interesting in going, interested in specific subjects or anything related: Talk to people! Everyone at the COPs and Intersessionals are interested in spreading their ideas and opinions and is overall really friendly people!

Short UN poem

The UNFCCC is rad and my feet are in pain

Australias climate policy is getting better but they’re still way worse than Spain

My badge is only yellow but I wish it was pink

Then I could say important stuff and sign deals in binding ink

Great decisions are made in this house surrounded by fence

But still I can’t help to wonder, where’s all the free pens?


Over and out

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