A good start is always the key

11th May, 2017

A good start is always the key to have a great day and face the conference full of energy. That is what we thought today and we actually decided to implement that thought. We started the day getting off the train two stops before arriving to the Conference Centre and decided to walk through a green, relaxing and beautiful park next to the UN Headquarters in Bonn. We had a nice walk through the Japanese garden and the rest of the park just before getting with renewed energy to the Conference Centre, taking advantage of the good spring weather, prepared for another intense day.

Once in the Conference Centre we rapidly got into the mood. As every day there were so many people walking around, from one meeting room to another, trying to cover as much as they were able to. As always, checking the schedule screens was the first thing we did, in order to figure out how to organize the day. We were very active during the whole day, attending various very interesting side events and meeting sessions.

However, two of them could be highlighted. Firstly, we attended a Side Event on Climate Change and Human Rights organized by the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights with great panellists. Among them, a short introduction was made by the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC Patricia Espinosa. The broad range of different perspectives provided by the various panellists enriched the event, including even and very accurately a representative on behalf of the Indigenous Peoples, surely a group highly affected by the both topics treated in the event. The event was even attended by the ambassador of the host country of the next COP, Fiji. I was definitely a dynamic and really interesting event.

But it was the Gender Workshop during the afternoon which really served as a fulfilling experience. The working system was unexpectedly informal. We were divided in small working groups, each one on a specific subject matter and in a participatory and inclusive way. Everyone’s inputs were welcomed and the dialogue was really constructive. The most shocking thing was the fact that one of the women was taking care of her baby while participating in the discussion. The baby was just playing around the room with the rest of us, making the meeting mood more relaxed but not being disturbing or distracting at all though. It is good to see that also in the usually formal and fancy environment of the UN, there is also room for such an informal and relaxed working mood.

This was definitely a great day reaching already the end of the week. At least we learned the lesson, a good start might be the key for having a really great day.

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