The COP22 Delegation

The Delegation for COP22 in Marrekesh has finally been decided! The group is divided into 2 zones; the Blue Zone and the Green Zone. The Blue Zone requires specific accreditation (in this case a Badge) and is where the official negotiations take place. The Green Zone does not require specific accreditation but is still very much an important part of the Conference as it is dedicated to civil society and inovation events such as lectures, workshops, and presentations. Below is a short presentation of the UUCC Platforms 2016 Marrakesh Delegation.

The Blue Zone:

isabel-sIsabel Sarenmalm – I am a final year student at CEMUS and Uppsala University, studying the interdisciplinary Master Programme in sustainable development. I also hold a law degree from Uppsala University (2015). I am really excited to join Uppsala University’s delegation and to get the opportunity to be part of such an inspiring group of people! The main reason for wanting to attend the formal negotiation sessions is that I really want to engage with other delegates about some current issues within climate finance and climate justice that I have come across during my current Internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that I believe needs to be resolved further. In addition, I am keen to engage in discussions with other delegates about the work currently conducted by the World Research Institute (WRI) regarding guidelines and tools for the Climate Finance Architecture and how climate financing can be more effective in the future.
guyGuy Finkill – Hey!  I’m Guy and I’m from the UK.  I’m studying a Master’s in Sustainable Development here at Uppsala University.  I am incredibly passionate about the political, economic and societal influences on this topic.  So, the chance to attend COP22 on behalf of Uppsala University is such a privilege.  To be able to observe the conference of world leaders will be an invaluable experience and I believe that it will give me a true insight into the workings and idiosyncrasies of political debate about the most pressing issues that the planet currently faces.
nick-f2Nick Fitzpatrick – Hi, I’m Nick Fitzpatrick and I am a 21-year-old exchange student at Uppsala University, where I will be studying for 12 months. Born and raised in rural Australia, I come from a small town (Young) in New South Wales where I completed my schooling and then moved to Wollongong to pursue my career with a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours). My intellectual and academic interests cover multiple disciplines as an Environmental Science student (eg: biology, chemistry, physics, philosophy, geology, etc), however my passion lies in sustainable development, renewable energy and land resource management. This is highlighted by my current studies at Uppsala University where I am currently undertaking Sustainable Development: Project Management and Communication, The Global Economy: Environment, Development and Globalisation, Wind Power Basics and Wind Power Technology. Attending COP22 in Marrakech for me is the perfect opportunity to gain a global perspective on the issue of climate change and to hear the voices of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. Action is imperative and we must act urgently on such issues to prevent further damage to our neighbours and global citizens. Following the first universal climate agreement in Paris on December 2015 now is the perfect chance to progress even further and stimulate discussions on ways to achieve 50% and 100% reductions in CO2 emissions by 2050 and 2100 respectively. I would love to be a part of this.
larissa-kLarissa Kwiatkowski – My name is Larissa Kwiatkowski and I am a second year Master Student studying Sustainable Development at Uppsala University. I have been active in the UUCC Platform since last year and already made my first experiences with UNFCCC conferences at the pre-negotiations for COP21 in Bonn in October 2015. I am currently preparing for my master thesis next spring which will be about climate change activism and environmental justice in the context of climate change. I am very interested in the voice of the youth within the negotiations. Thus, I am going to conduct interviews with young climate change activists in order to collect data for my master thesis. I am looking forward to share my experiences with the delegation and students in Uppsala.
elliotElliot Morgan – My name is Elliot Morgan. I am an environmentalist. This is the first and foremost part of my values and identity. This is why I can’t wait to attend COP22 with the university, it is such a great opportunity. I am a vegetarian (trying to move towards veganism), an animal lover and I love to learn. I like politics and current affairs, I read a lot and I want to raise awareness of environmental issuses as I see it as the most important battle of our generation.
izzie Isabel Baudish – Hej! I’m Isabel (Izzie) and my background is in Renewable Energy Engineering and Development Studies. Originally from Australia I now live in Uppsala studying a Master’s Program in Entrepreneurship, while working at CEMUS (Center for Environment and Development Studies) as a course co-coordinator. I am going to Marrakesh because I am deeply concerned about the current track our world is set on. My particular passion is in sustainable energy systems. Namely, how do we provide access to the 1.3 billion people without electricity access in a way that doesn’t further accelerate climate change? In Marrakesh I will be connecting with the African Renewable Energy Initiative, an inclusive and transformative Africa owned and led effort to scale up renewable energy access and meet these challenges. By going to COP22 I also hope to gain a better understanding about how multi level decision making and power structures steer current policy on climate change. I look forward to connecting and collaborating with other youth representatives and civil society networks convening for the COP,  and initiating continued conversations with these groups. Disseminating our experiences and reporting back to our broader networks, offering alternative perspectives and voices to mainstream media, is also something crucial to our role as a delegation. I am so excited to be travelling by land to Marrakesh with a group of highly motivated and passionate people. We travel by land because it has a far lesser carbon footprint that air travel and to communicate a message that other viable forms of travel are possible! Sometimes it can be easy to say one thing and do another, but leading by positive example is more critical now than ever. We look forward to sharing our stories with you! #minivandiaries
Florian Roth – I am 23, from Gfloermany, love to go hiking and study the Master in Sustainable Development. I go to Marrakech, because I want to find out more about the Global North South Divide in sustainability issues and imbalances in power and capacities in UN conferences and to send a message, going by Minivan to rethink our own behavior.
emmaEmma Hundertmark – My name is Emma Hundertmark, I am 21 years old and was born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden. My parents were not though, so I´ve grown up in an international atmosphere with multilingual relatives. I have therefore decided to broaden my B.C in Political- and Economic science at Uppsala University and choose Sustainable Development and Geoscience as my minors. I had the chance to go to COP21 in Paris which made me begin to realize both how complex and intriguing the international society is and how challenging the negotiations can be. It did nevertheless also allow me to closely follow the final steps touches to the so called “Paris Agreement” and engage and learn more about advocacy work at YOUNGO, the Youth Constituency to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. One of the reasons why I am going to COP22 in Marrakech with Uppsala University as a RINGO (Research and Independent Non-governmental organization to the (UNFCCC) United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) is to meet- and learn from others, both within- and outside of my university, that has unique experience and knowledge. The main reason is however that COP22 will host the CMA 1 as the Paris Agreement enters into force earlier than most analysts expected. That raises several interesting questions regarding transparent and ambitious pre-2020 action, the Green Climate Fund and finance in general, NDCs, mitigation, adaptation and implementation (etc.) – making COP22 a golden opportunity to push for a global shift and study a high-level international negotiation. I´m very honored to have been entrusted to be a member of Uppsala University student delegation to COP22 as I fully believe that the observer organizations are the guardians and advocators of democracy and in a way, the interests of everyone that cannot participate. They can simultaneously be the link to e.g. different NGOs, youth, civil society, media and the “outside world”, in a way that the negotiating parties can´t. My aim is to be that, to the best of my ability in the context.
011aLisa Plattner – I just finished the Master in ‘Digital Media and Society’ at Uppsala University, which dealt with the topic ‘Climate Change Communication’. As a member of the Uppsala University Climate Change Platform (UUCCP) I am very eager to help in the preparations towards COP22. My experience so far showed me, that collaboration with other universities (RINGO), youth constituencies (YOUNGO) and NGOs are from vital importance. COP22 would be another great chance to strengthen Uppsala University’s presence on global level and bring important knowledge from the global climate elite back to the local level.
elizabeth_gray_2Elizabeth Gray – I’m Elizabeth Gray, and I’m a second year Master’s student in Sustainable Development.  In Marrakesh, I will be entering the negotiations as an observer. Generally speaking, I am fascinated by politics and rhetoric.   To this end, I want to see how speeches and text can actually move things forward on significant issues such as climate change.  I have a great faith in the power of words to change perspectives and transform how our world works.   At the negotiations, I’m looking forward to pouring over texts and seeking out compelling messages.   When I’m outside the negotiating arena, I want to search for the stories that animate these talks–the very reasons why these negotiations are vital and how people can and will create solutions.

The Green Zone:

lauraLaura von Kettler – My name is Laura Ketteler and I am doing a Master Programme in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University. I have the great honour to be a part of the COP 22 delegation going to Marakkech in November 2016. I am looking forward to meet people from all over the world, who share the same interests and goals towards a sustainable future. Besides I am hoping to learn about different views and problem solving solutions and to discuss those with participants during the side events. All together I want to update all interested students back in Uppsala during and after the COP 22 about what was developed during the negotiations, what are the issues they struggle with and what their future plans are.
camillaCamila Hubel – Camila is going to COP22 in Marrakech because she thinks it is important to acquire first hand insight into international negotiations regarding the topic of climate change. She hopes this experience will provide her with a better understanding of the power imbalances present at this level and help her connect with other people who believe in environmental justice and the urgent need for systemic behavioral change.
katelinKatelin Markcrow – I’m at a crossroads, knowing what I know, do I keep doing ‘business as usual’ or do I take action. I want to go to COP22 to be amongst it all, to be surrounded by people who are actively trying to change the world, who are passionate and feel the urgency that we are in and have taken the leap to change the planet’s current trajectory.
emmiEmmi Kallio – Field of Study: Master student in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University. I am going to COP22 in Marrakech to learn first-hand about how formal negotiations between several states are conducted, organized, carried out and perceived by a broad audience. Climate Change is real and it is imperative to tackle it on a global scale. Attending COP22 will be a valuable opportunity to learn more, network and to absorb the knowledge of the thousands of people participating in the conference at different levels.
simsSims Rodrigues – As a master’s student of sustainable development at CEMUS I feel the need to learn more about the workings of international negotiations regarding climate change first hand while simultaneously being a voice of the people to put pressure on the parties to make the right decisions for a better future. Also, being from Florida I have seen the effects of sea level rise and realize the immense urgency that is necessary when discussing climate change.
matiaz1Matias Opazo – Hello! My name is Matías Opazo and I’m a one semester exchange student at CEMUS. Back in Chile I study engineering, but here I’m doing the climate change leadership in practice course. I really enjoy and appreciate the contact with nature, I’ve been climbing for the last 10 years! That lifetime spent in nature has given me so much… That’s why I’m interested in protecting it now, and I really believe that going to a COP can be very insightful in the process of learning different perspectives regarding to climate change and to understand what the top-down strategies are like from first source. But the trip by Van is also meaningful. It’s an artistic expression by itself. I really like the idea of going down, polluding less and teaching on the road. So I’m really looking forward for this trip and really wish that you join us on the way to Morocco and, most important, against the anthropogenic global warming!! See you on the road!
hannaHannah Sutton – Hannah Sutton is in her last year of Sustainable Development and International Aid and Development at Murdoch University in Australia, and is currently studying an exchange semester in Uppsala University. She loves hitch hiking, sailing, and living with as little carbon footprint as possible… and yes these all can work perfectly in harmony. Her studies were motivated after sailing extensively in the Pacific Ocean, meeting climate change refugees in the Tuamotu islands who are facing immediate challenges as their islands lie at one meter above sea level, witnessing floating islands of plastic in the Pacific ocean, noticing depleting fish stocks and bleached coral. This had a lasting impact and set a clear motivation to attend the COP22 negotiations in Marrakech.